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You find yourself in the middle of an island surround by lava, all you have is your strength to destroy blocks and skills to create other
types of blocks. Your objective is to go as high as possible building
your tower, evading (and attacking) cute monsters that appear to hurt
you and destroy everything on the way.

Gameplay keys:
- Enter to start game (hellooooo!?)
- Arrow keys or WASD for movement
- Left mouse key for destroy blocks and attacking (note: you can
click and hold for everything!)
- Right mouse key for placing blocks (you need to place a block near
another - a ladder can be near another one)
- Esc to end (it freezes when saving the map)
- Keys 1 to 6: shopping for blocks (if you press shift you sell
instead of buying)
Other keys:
- CTRL+N: generate a new map
- CTRL+S: save the map
- CTRL+L: load the map
Debug keys:
- F8 respawn a monster very close to you
- F9 respawn a monster like the normal respawn
- F10 display your range for building and destroying blocks
- F11 makes you walk around the map without following the character
- F12 display the physics
Another notes:
- You can resize and the game will adjust itself.
- To get a better score you need to building castle-type blocks.

This game has been make using kenney.nl assets. Victor R. coded (its
me!) and L.A. and company helped testing and designing the game.

Hope you guys enjoy.

P.S.: don't fall on the lava, you'll die

Technical notes: You need to have the latest Java version (http://www.java.com/en/download). The game contains no sound at the moment!


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